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Blockchain Community Hosted Exclusive Partner Event in Radisson Hotel Jaipur

Blockchain Community India, which is a unique start-up introducing blockchain to traditional businesses recently did a close event in Jaipur. This event was with collaboration with ‘Franchise Apply.com’ which is 20-year-old enterprise supporting entrepreneurs with business development, franchise development, consulting and marketing organized. 

As BCI community is growing, this event was organized to introduce investors with the opportunities BCI brings from them. Understanding with practical examples of how AI and blockchain can transform the business, the event saw more of interest from the gathering.

The event was attended by many entrepreneurs and innovators who were interested in bringing advance technology like Blockchain and AI in their business models. Getting an open platform, the participants were full of enthusiasm as they discussed business.

The partner event was a huge success as the post the interactive session that allowed many people to interact and discuss the future of technology and businesses with veterans, many participants showed interest to get associated and many participants joined to become a partner of BCI.

Enjoying the fine evening, BCI has promised all its partner even bigger returns on their investment and bigger partner base as they plan more such events soon.


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