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Blockchain Community India Thailand Trip

Blockchain Community India which is a unique business platform that aims to strengthen the traditional businesses with the power of technology. With businesses from various vertical joining in, the community is growing stronger and to elevate this growth, BCI recently took its board of members on a first international leadership trip to the island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

The main purpose of the trip was to strengthen the personal understanding among the board of directors and expose them to specialize leadership development program that would help them create a more successful working experience for all the existing and new partners of BCI. The trip allowed them to build their personal rapport with other leaders

 BCI works to further strengthen their leadership as they understand that the stronger the relationship, they can contribute for a high performing team. The leaders were exposed to business training and workshop from global experts. BCI also arranged activities that further helped develop a personal bond among the leaders. The training sessions on the trip exposed the members to the unique and specialized leadership development programs that talked about changing leadership styles, new ways to execute and empower their employees in decision making and how they can build a positive work culture and work more effectively with each other. Also taught them to how they can remain honest and transparent in their working and promote trust in their businesses.  


BCI model is based on a business partnership where every partner has equal ownership in the business. The idea of BCI is to empower all its members to contribute to the building great business models, thus transparency and trust are important to BCI.


The Board of directors really enjoyed the experience and the learning and felt ready to deal with ever-growing business complexities.


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