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Inviting all the members of BCI in Hotel KBN Bhuj in Gujarat

Blockchain Community India aims to provide a platform to present and discuss all the latest business models, innovations and technology upgrades like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain in the traditional setup. As the community is growing with entrepreneurs from various industries and locations joining in, BCI team is headed to Gujarat this week. 

This event is organized with an aim to provide an opportunity for the entrepreneurs and technology experts to exchange ideas and experiences face to face while gaining mentorship from Board of members of BCI. Inviting all the existing members in Gujarat, BCI also welcomes all interested entrepreneurs to explore the business opportunities and interact in-person with all BCI members. 

The board members will also elaborate their vision for BCI in 2021, along with sharing various business case studies. The event which is on 24th January 2021, in Hotel KBN Buj in Gujarat will also have a detailed session on the mission and vision of BCI. The entry is by invite only, if interested kindly contact.


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