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Inviting All The Members of BCI to Lohiya Resorts in Sikar

Inviting all the members of BCI on 27th February 2022 to Lohiya Resorts in Sikar.

Blockchain community India is on a unique journey to introduce advanced technology like AI & Blockchain in traditional business. BCI is an open platform for all the entrepreneurs and technology enthusiastic, BCI is increasingly gaining popularity across India and among the business community in Sikar. With the growing partner base in Sikar, BCI is planning an event in Lohiya Resorts in Sikar on 27th February 2022, Sunday where all the existing and interested partners can come and meet in person all the partners and discuss their business experiences and challenges.

While the major main agenda of this event will be to educate all the participants on advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, BCI also intends to hold an exclusive discussion on the art of earning. Join this interesting discussion, which not only includes experienced and renowned business leaders who share their personal insights and experiences with the technologies but elaborate discussion on the mission, vision, and future projects of BCI.

The event is open for all the existing members as well as the new participants who would like to explore business opportunities and understand working on BCI more closely.

The event is in Lohiya Resorts in Sikar on 27th February 2022, Sunday, it will start from 10 AM onwards. To entry is by invite only, if interested kindly contact the number mentioned


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